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☆Attack IT!★

Big Arashi/J-pop/Anime fan here ^^


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Name: Arisa
Favorite JE group: Arashi (but also loves NEWS, Kanjani8, V6, and KAT-TUN)
Ichiban : Ninomiya Kazunari <3

Also listens to: the GazettE, L'arc~en~ciel, DaizyStripper, Bergerac, Namie Amuro, DOUBLE, a bunch of more J-rock artists, Kalafina, Maaya Sakamoto, so many more J-pop arists.

Besides devoting my life to Arashi I also devote it to the GazettE. They have my soul, but Arashi has my heart <3.

Song: Chain - BACK-ON
- Yeah I'm watching Air Gear. I fell in love because of this song. This is my type of music. I have nothing more to say XD

Loves: The color blue, Japan, food, manga, anime, cosplay, music

Dislikes: Bugs, sharks, and mean people

Favorite Animes: Soul Eater <3333333333, Kimi ni Todoke, CardCaptor Sakura, Eden of the East, K-on!, Shakugan no Shana, Naruto, DNangel, Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles, and a few more.
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