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       Hi, my name is Arisa and I'm just a normal 16-year old girl who loves Japanese things. Those things include anime/manga, doramas, Arashi, the GazettE, J-pop/rock, and RPGs. Please comment below with at least your name and I'll add you back :) I won't add dead journals.

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Welcome to my Friending meme! Hope everyone can meet others who like similar things here.  So just copy the code below and comment away~! (To  my current f-list: You don't need to do this. I'm just really bored XD Sorry if I spammed you)

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Favorite Color:
Favorite debuted group: 
Favorite JE guy/s:
Favorite Jr or Jrs:
Favorite Song/s:
If one JE boy was actually a girl who would you pair them up with?: 
Other Artists you like who are not in JE:
Do you watch Dramas? If so which ones?: Anything else?:

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VS Arashi Episode Guide *still updating*

VS Arashi 23 – Asakusa Kid and Choi Hong Man

Special Moments/Summary: - Ohno is so short compared to Choi Hong Man! He  also shows his Korean skills  8D

-          Ohno has his Maou hair and is very cute throughout the whole episode.

-          Everyone in Arashi feels discouraged.

-          Aiba and his random English

-          A very funny Onmiya moment involving Nino’s cards.

Laugh Rating: ☺☺☺

VS Arashi 44 (8.15.2009) – Shinobu and Momoko Golf Special


Special Moments/Summary: 

                              - Shinobu and Momoko were on a previous episode.

                              - The announcer Ito-san shows up in person!

                              - The pro on the Arashi team does not do to well XD
                                        - Matsujun seems to be messing up a lot too.
                                        - They make golf look like a lot of fun. I kind of want to try it now……. >.<

Laugh Rating: ☺☺☺

Subbed by: Happydaysx

VS Arashi 58 (5.30.2009) – Harisenbon


Special Moments/Summary: 

                              - Harisenbon are cute in their own way :3 They are continuously made fun of though.

                              - A Haruka/Nino drama skit (because everyone knows Haruka likes type of guys who are like Nino)!

                              - Nino just keeps laughing.

- Seems like Harisenbon is asking for a pretty big handicap.

- Matsujun makes a pretty big mistake XD

Laugh Rating: ☺☺☺☺

Subbed by: 


VS Arashi 67 (8.01.2009) – 26hr tv Recaps/Behind-the-Scenes


Special Moments/Summary: - Basically this is like a behind-the-scenes episode. It’s nice seeing the Hexagon Family have so much fun.

-          Did Arashi really not get filmed?

-          Why was Nino so upset?

-          Arashi goes to visit the VS Arashi Park.

-          Matsujun is ignored XD

Laugh Rating: ☺☺☺

Subbed by: Ao no Michi


VS Arashi 69 (8.15.2009) – Kawai Shunichi, Ohbayashi Motoko, Chinen Yuri, and Yamada Ryosuke

Special Moments/Summary: - Sho places himself in he group of Johnny’s that can’t do  backflips because Yamada can.

-          Sho seemed overly confident during Jumping Shooter.

-          Ohno threatens Chinen?!

-          Ohno bowing to Yamada.

-          Do I see some Ohmiya? 8D

Laugh Rating: ☺☺☺☺☺

Subbed by: Stormy x JUMPinfs

VS Arashi 70 (8.22.2009) – Hotohara Toru, Yoshikawa Hinano

Special Moments/Notes: - Hinano was on Himitsu no Arashi-chan just in case you recognize her face.

-          VS Arashi is not a program to make friends.

-          Sho tries out a new “character”

-          Aiba’s outfit is very patriotic.

-          A tiny bit of Ohmiya.

-          Ohno seems out of it during Falling Pipe. I think he’s still sleeping.

Laugh Rating: ☺☺☺☺



This looks like fun. ^_^

Just wanted to show everyone this funny show I was watching on Youtube.  The people are in a way playing real life Tetris. 

I want to do something like that one day with my friends.  I'd probaly fall but so what. XD Why can't we have shows like that here in the US? I'd love to watch that on tv.

Anyways. I'm making a layout right now. I just started so it's going to take me a while.
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Uh oh.......the sky turned really green!

Yeah the sky is green right now. A big thunderstorm is heading our way. It's been two days since I went to the doctor. Not a very good trip. They gave me three shots so my arms are not feeling so good. I've been using only my left hand for these two days. My right arm hurts so much!! Anyway, I know you must not want to hear me whine, so besides that I got a cool game for my Nintendo DS. I'm already addicted to it.

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Hmmmmmmmm. I just forgot what I was going to say. I'm so forgetful. Oh well.
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Hello ^_^

Hi everyone! Yes it's me Arisa. Welcome to my journal. This hournal was meant to be an mp3 rotation but, my CD collection is very I guess not. Oh well it'll become one soon.  But for now it's just my journal. XD I sound so dumb.  It's getting late. or not, so I'm going to go. 
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